PM Hospitality is a hotel project management and tourism consulting company specialised in:

Sustainable Development & Responsible Tourism

The need for a sustainable approach has become fundamental in order to preserve the natural resources and promote local economies, while providing meaningful connections for the traveller, with a minimum footprint and a maximum experience.

Strategic Sales & Marketing and Brand Creation

Unique storytelling combined with crafted social networking and curated commercial partnerships, are essential pillars for a distinctive brand to stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke Hotel Concept Development

Creating unique hotel concepts and remaining operationally sensitive, in order to provide an unrivalled guest experience while sustaining a vibrant and profitable hotel operation.


Sustainable Values:

PMH is committed to defend the following“ PLUS” Principles:
Preservation of the biodiversity
Local culture celebration
Uplifting the communities
Sustainable commitment

Sustainable Projects:

Greener Act

Philippe is the founder of Greener Act.

Greener Act is the “one of the kind” App, which allows travellers to make positive changes by engaging in community projects and to support local causes, in order to create a more sustainable world.

Water & Recycle

Mentor and visionary of the “Water & Recycle” Campaign in São Tomé & Príncipe:

Showcasing one of the best examples in water conservation and environmental protection, the water & recycle project has continuously been a case study for sustainable development in various “Biosphere Reserves” as well as for UNESCO following the success of this project, initiated on the Island of Príncipe in West Africa.

Principe Island, São Tomé & Príncipe, West Africa

Responsible for the sustainable tourism development of www.hbdprincipe.com beginning in 2011 until end of 2020.

From project conceptualisation to operational deployment and curated sales and marketing.

Principe Island


In addition to the core services provided, PMH has established a series of preferred partnerships, which can be handpicked according to each project’s DNA, in order to provide a consolidated holistic approach.

DL2A: www.dl2a.fr

“The beginning of my professional experience with Philippe began in 1999 and has since been carried out on six hotel projects of which two of them where located in Madeira, and four in São Tomé and Príncipe in West Africa.

His collaboration has been essential to the successful completion of these 4* and 5* hotels, thanks in particular to his dynamism, efficiency, human and social qualities and his high-end hotel experience. All these qualities have, amongst other things, been valuable assets for the sustainable tourism development, which is why I intend to continue to collaborate with him on all these themes in my future projects.”

Didier Lefort, owner of DL2A: didierlefort.dl2a@gmail.com

Dimi Leivadas: dimileivadas.com

“I had the chance, pleasure and honour really; to meet and work with Philippe Moreau, during a very unique sustainable hospitality project in Africa. Philippe is a person and a professional that you can be inspired from, that you can trust that will deliver results and get the job done successfully and as expected, somebody that listens, keeping the balance and above all a person that cares about people and the environment. His ethos breathes sustainability in every aspect.”

Dimitris “Dimi” Leivadas, Founder & CEO of DL-H: dimitris@dl-h.com

UNESCO: www.unesco.org

“Mentor & visionary of Príncipe Island UNESCO Biosphere Reserve’s “Water & Recycle Project” in São Tomé & Príncipe, Philippe Moreau has developed this project in conjunction with Antonio Abreu bringing together all relevant actors and expressing the principles of the UNESCO MAB Programme. Showcasing one of the best examples in water conservation and environmental protection, the Water & Recycle project has continuously been a case study for sustainable development in various Biosphere reserves. Clear demonstrations that it is possible to address and fully succeed, against massive plastic waste pollution.”

Miguel Clusener-Godt, Senior Programme Officer MAB: m.clusener-godt@unesco.org


Born and educated in France and graduated from hotel management school in Switzerland, Philippe Moreau has worked for renowned hotel companies such as Accor, Le Meridien and Minor Hotels as well as private luxury properties in Thailand, Burma, Brazil, Portugal, Angola, France & UK and more recently in São Tomé & Príncipe.

Find out more about Philippe and see his sustainability profile.

You can contact Philippe on: pm@pmhospitality.com